Video Review of Last week’s Comics

Okay, so most comic blogs review the current week’s comics, but fuck them. They like 52 and hate The Authority. Me? I just happen to know that last week had a fuck load of good comics coming out, and don’t want to quickly forget them. So here they are chopped down into tasty bits all for you.

So i read this free comic called The Umbrella Academy, which it trying so damn hard at being a “super-team” book it’s laughable, and while i loved the cover by James Jean (Check it out below or here) and i love the art by Gabiel Ba, but the comic it’s self sucks. Why is that? Well, it was written by a guy named Gerard Way. Who the fuck is Gerard Way, right?

Y’ever heard of a shitty band called My Chemical Romance? It’s some of that faux-goth horse shit that passes for music today, hell even Blender called their latest album “perfect,” but what can one expect from Maxim’s stab at a music mag?

Dumb unappealing/unoriginal characters who are bound together by the fact that they’re adopted wards of some mysterious rich guy. Glad i got it for free, because I’d pay for a rusty ice cream scoop up my ass before i would EVER pay for this shit.

100 Bullets was highly usual for what i can expect from the book: confusing plot centered around side characters with beautiful art, in exotic locations. Risso is one of those artists who i’ll buy anything they pencil, even if it was written by like David Goyer’s untalented-yet-strangely-popular ass. He always plays with shadow and light in a real way, and I’ll be damned if every page of 100 Bullets isn’t always jaw-dropingly flawless.

Midnighter was nice and unconventional, which is what i like from Brian K Vaughan, and Astonishing X-Men was Joss-esque.

Here are the covers to all the books i reviewed:


5 responses to “Video Review of Last week’s Comics

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  2. I like that you bag on sites for being among the many that praise popular books like 52, then you completely cut against the grain by putting Joss Whedon and Brian Azzarello on a pedastal. I’m not saying they don’t deserve it, just that it’s a little silly to pretend to be a fanboy iconoclast.

    I hope you spend a little more time at our site and read some more of what we do, which shockingly includes lots of reviews of little-known comics.

    Also, good work on the video reviews. I like it.

  3. Hey man, Joss isnt perfect. So far, i think Buffy Season 8 sucks surprisingly bad. It’s just that Astonishing X-Men is the only marvel superhero book i regularly buy, since it sometimes calls back to Joss’ old Buffy and Angel style of storytelling and dialogue. And dude, 100 Bullets is amazing. How could i be an iconoclast when by and large, i’m just giving credit to actual quality and original comic books?

  4. Sir;
    Why do you find it necessary to use such crude language? Do you not have sufficient vocabulary skills to fully express yourself without resorting to profanity and gutter gab?
    This is a site about comics, which will probably attract lots of younger folks. Would you want your small child reading such stuff? The content is fine, but the presentation is crude, disgusting and not in the least funny or relevant. If you’d use a spell-checker on your copy, you’d at least leave a somewhat better impression on your readers.

  5. Oh fuck you! Grow up, ya wet blanket, people in the real world use 4 letter words you know. it’s my site, i can express myself however i damn well please. Go suck on the constitution while i tell your kids their parent is a pussy. And BTW, you might want to make your website a registered piece of work, before calling it yours. Makes u look like a liar.

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